YES, a yoni smudge aka a Yoni/Vagina steam. Just like the herb sage that cleanes energy and spiritually purifies, the Yoni Smudges are similar in benefits for your womb. This is an ancient practice that has spread across many cultures included in women's beauty and health regimens.  The Yoni Smudge works as an aid to your body and as an internal cleanser of the membranes of the vaginal tissues and the uterus. This self care ritual can be performed in the comfort of your own home! The procedure includes gathering the herbs,  adding them to boiling water in a pot or yoni seat, and sitting on the steam to smudge your yoni.  This therapuetic blend of lavendar, chamomille, and other healing herbs will give you the benefits of a healthy womb.


These treatments are important in the healing of stagnant fertility conditions and/or complete emptying of those menses after your cycle. They also provide menstrual support, eliminate yeast infections and other vaginal bacteria, increase cervical fluids, relax vaginal canal and cervix, nourish and tone the uterine lining, prevent and ease bladder and kidney stones and more. Many women use the Yoni-Steam as an act of self care and are able to relieve stress and fight infection!



Most Common Benefits are:

Detox tissue

Relax vaginal canal

Heal womb

Rejuvenate/tighten your blood circulation

Reduce cramps

Balance hormones

Strengthen immune system

Stress relief

Pain relief

Boost libido

Eliminate infections

Eliminate odor

Balance pH

Increase cervical fluid

Nourish cervix

Complete emptying of menses

Decrease clots

Prevent and ease kidney and bladder stones


Each order comes with 1 preportioned ONE-TIME USE ONLY pouch.


DO NOT yoni-steam if you are pregnant or in an active menstrual cycle.


Instructions will be provided. 


Yoni Smudge (1 session)

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