The 30 day attitude of gratitude journal challenge.

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

Peace and Blessings!

October is Emotional Wellness Month and to show my support, I would like to share a method that has magnified my path of healing. That method is called journaling and studies show that some benefits are :

Persuading High vibrations (Boosts your mood).

Improve your reading and writing skills.

Reduce symptoms of depression.

Enhance your memory.

Help you deal with big emotions in a safe and healthy way.

Each day of this month I will post a word to my social media outlets (click on icons below to be directed). Your task is to meditate on the word and write 3 things you are grateful for concerning the term. This is a proven effective method. It was also shared with me from a spiritual mentor of mine. Feel free to use any of the hashtags associated with Persuaded Beauty (click on the hashtag harmony page).

Here are A few tips about journaling for optimum results:

1. Write in a private and personalized space free from distractions.

2. Give your self time to reflect and balance yourself before and after writing.

4. Structure your writing however it feels right to YOU.

5. It is your CHOICE to share what you express in your journal.

I would love to hear updates. Send me a message by clicking on my contact page to communicate directly with me. I am rooting for you, Stay Persuaded!

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