Switch it up Sis......

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

Feeling unworthy? Out of touch? Negative? Stressed out? Living in the past? Worrying about your future? If you answered yes then you are vibrating with low energy. You are a precious gem uncovered not damaged. You just have to get out of your head and raise up the energy that is keeping you from destiny. When we allow ourselves to get caught up with what does not center us spiritually and peacefully , we become covered in low vibrations. Your peace is a gem that needs to be found within you as this will help you not only feel better, but it also allows you to become a better manifestor and creator of your destiny. A high vibration also strengthens your immune system and can protect you against illness and disease.

What I also found is that high vibrations help build your intuition and following the wisdom of your heart become a lot easier.

5 Ways to raise your vibrations:

1. Meditation

2. Focusing on Gratitude

3. Laughing

4. Excercise

5. Music

There are plenty more ways however, I wanted to share the most practical. I hope this helps in some form, shape or fashion. Let's talk! Share your concerns below.....

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