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Updated: Feb 5, 2018

What does persuaded beauty mean? It is a question some may become confused about so, let me make it clear. Persuaded Beauty is not limited to the name of my company and services. It extends to the very individual who is not afraid to live her beauty out loud. She is a woman who honestly explores her darkness and rises in love with her light. She is unapologetically confident in herself, spirituality, and is a free thinker. Her sacredness, uniqueness, and mystery fills her with infinite possibilities of her personal transformation.

She is allowed to be free in her flawed essence knowing that she owns her beauty, her beauty don't own her.

This title means a lot to me because at one point in my life I had to dig deep to appreciate my beauty both external and internal. I was in a dark place 8 years ago dealing with spiraling depression and decided to keep quiet about it publically until now. Makeup was a tool along with other coping methods that helped me over come my depression and persuaded my confidence. It took me a while to actually be happy and embrace what I saw in the mirror everyday. Working as a makeup artist allows me to magnify the beauty of women and nurture the insecurities we often have about ourselves. What makes you a persuaded beauty? Let's talk. *****NOTE this blog is limited to members only******

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