7 ways to make the best out of your year.

Art by Emma Akue Gedu

Welcome to 2019! This is going to be a great year but, I am not gonna lie. Expect to have challenges along the way. I have learned that it is not always what you deal with, but how you deal with it. Today marks a clean slate to continue, rewrite, and/or edit your destiny. If you need a few ideas on how to better yourself in 2019, take a look at the following list and be free in welcoming change into your life.

1. Advocate for yourself and your passion.

Always believe in yourself and never stop pursuing the things that set your soul on fire. There is nothing wrong with standing by your choices. Life is a constant lesson and everybody is learning as they go.

2.Challenge your budget.

Change the way you spend money and save more. Invest in things that really matter and help you be better ( vacation, self care, learn a new language, mentor, get a passport, things for your business or hobby).

3. Support those who support you.

Make time for the people who matter most. Be there when they ask you to and don't take advantage of their love.

4. Release things that no longer serve you.

That pertains to perspectives, people, places, or things. Let go of the fear you feel when an era has ran its course. An ending represents growing and moving forward in life.

5. Exercise and eat balanced

Studies have proved endless benefits of fitness and healthy eating. Such discipline can improve your cognition, mood, physical appearance, and more. There are alternative exercise options aside from being traditional and working out in a gym (yoga, kickboxing, sports, dance, etc).

6. Be Honest with yourself.

No more frauds and facades! Embrace each challenge. You are human not a robot. When things get messy you are allowed to be authentic in your response. It can become a problem when we suppress emotions and not release what bothers us. Laugh and don't take things personal when the madness and messiness shows up in life. Remember it is either a lesson or a blessing.

7. Set aside time for SELF.

Self care is a motif for taking your power back. Learn to take breaks and rest when treading down your path. Journal, treat yourself to the spa, try something new, buy yourself something new, take social media pauses, take a day to do nothing, or my favorite ALONE TIME. How will you ever know who you really are if you don't take time to invest in or dissect self.

If any of these methods inspire or resonate with you feel free to share your thoughts below! I am sending positive vibes your way. Stay Persuaded!

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