7 holistic ways to build your focus.

Starve your distractions. Feed your focus. Your focus persuades your reality by helping you find your niche, directing your time, progress, and attention. It encourages confidence, improves value, clarity, and self directed learning. August taught me that I need to be better at my focus. It is a challenge to balance at times because my attention is being pulled in different directions from multitasking, a single mother, entrepreneur, and life builder. My social media normally shows the positive and good things that I am grateful for however, behind the scenes is a whole nother level. I learned how multitasking can weaken your brain power due to the scattering of concentration.

At one point I was team No days off heavy and was proud of being a multitasker however, the negative effects I have experienced has helped me changed the relationship I have with that mindset.

Focus can be implied to so many things such as - how you rest, the way you communicate, being open minded, executing one goal at a time, your health, your mental health, close relationships, disciplined eating (which I struggle with BTW. I am foodie! :)), maintaining your hair, balancing home environment, community outreach, etc. I believe that we all possess the power to heal ourselves when we put our minds to it. The pride I have in reflecting has me getting back to the basics. I believe there are many ways to skin a cat and when it comes strengthening brain function, traditional medicine is not always the answer.

Here are 7 holistic ways to improve your focus.

1. Unplug productively- There is a such thing as productive procrastination. When you are working on a goal, it helps to step away for a moment and take your mind off of things by doing something different. You can exercise, organize your work space, or run an errand.

2. Limit your tasks. We can have many tasks to carry out each day however, I don't believe you have to run yourself ragged in the process. Focus on 3 tasks a day. After you complete that list create another to do list with 3 more tasks. Moderation is key.

3. Complete your biggest task first. Preferably in the morning. That way every day no matter how busy your day may get, you will have finished something crucial. Knowing That simple fact will help you mentally rest a bit easier.

4. Create a reward system for tedious goals. Who says rewards are only for kids? Every time you cross out a goal on your list, treat yourself. Rewards can be deemed as a snack, favorite item, or drink.

5. Set a specific time frame for checking emails and returning calls. I got this tip from being a MaryKay consultant. My director made sure we had a 2 hour time frame to call and follow up with clients as an efficient way to keep track of customers and our effort. This same strategy can be used for that everyday work/life balance.

6. Use a productivity app. Technology is accessible to anyone and can benefit everyone. Productivity apps are available to support you in staying focused with your tasks. It is like having your personal productivity booster and goal achievement system. You can try Flora, Forest, Leechblock, and Stayfocused just to name a few. They are located in you app store and you can be downloaded on your phone.

7. Know Thy Self- Observe your particular habits, preferences, weaknesses, etc. and utilize that knowledge for making necessary improvements and maximize productivity.

If this information helped, let us know in the comments below. Stay Persuaded!

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