6 reasons why reflection is key ….

Reflection is crucial to how you end and begin your year, unlocking your purpose, building your mindset, and effectively handling transformation in your life. This was a key in helping me heal from depression and suicidal thoughts. Set aside time this month to do so and your 2019 will start on a good wave. Here are 6 reasons why you should reflect:

1) Gives meaning to the experience: How did I do? How is the community served by this? How is this part of a larger effort?

2) Relieves tension and provides re-energizing and renewal (especially important when circumstances are

emotionally challenging)

3) Creates a sense of accomplishment that is crucial, especially where there are limited external rewards

4) Develops a “spirit” of service and civic-mindedness into a way of life.

5) Improves ethics of service: As individuals examine the effects of their behavior, they discover ways to improve the quality and quantity of their service.

6) Can create a sense of closure, especially important after a long service period, project, or emotional experience.

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