5 ways makeup boosts your mental health.

Makeup has had a major effect on my healing from depression and suicidal thoughts. It has brought positivity and confidence to my dark situation. Now, I am able to share a gift of using my hands to persuade positivity and confidence of women by being a Makeup Artist. Cosmetics in a sense do support emotional wellness by being a tool and I want to share with you 5 ways how.

1. It ignites Self Care/Self Love.

2. It can Heighten Confidence.

3. Gives you a Sense of Control.

4. A welcomed distraction.

5. Builds Self-expression and creativity.

You can find me discussing this in the thoroughness on my YouTube page: Persuaded Beauty. I Hope this information resonates and has helped you in some shape, form, or fashion. I am rooting for you and sending positive vibes your way. Stay Persuaded! Peace and Blessings.

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