3 ways to journal for self therapy...

Life can be action packed, thrilling and fun, but at the same time it can also be turbulent, stressful, confusing, and disorienting.

In this modern era, our minds are being permanently bombarded with information that we sub-consciously (and consciously) need to sift through, so we can separate the crucial and the relevant from the extraneous and the plain useless. Sometimes, it can seem almost impossible to switch off.

What can you do to keep Serene? I am glad you asked! Journal. It is a proven effective mindful method that can help you not be so prone to what is stressing you. It also relates to self therapy and is an approach I used to help me overcome my depression and suicidal thoughts. Self Therapy is important because it helps you understand your psyche in a clear and comprehensive way, and resolve deep-seated emotional issues. It makes the power of a cutting-edge psychotherapy approach accessible to everyone. Here are 3 journal prompts to help:


It is the feeling of appreciation or thanks and has gained a lot of attention in the field of positive psychology. A gratitude journal is a diary of things for which one is grateful. Individuals who wish to focus their attention on the positive things in their lives use this prompt as motivation to count their blessings and redirect their stress.


A private journal is that. Think of it as a diary, it is your thoughts alone. This aspect can be as personal as you allow it to be. It can contain feelings, emotions, problems, and self-assurances used to evaluate one's life or reflections.


Practicing mindfulness can take some time. The good thing about being mindful is being in the present moment as a focal point. This type of journaling will help you be accountable for creating and tracking those moments. This activity may require you to carry a journal on hand to capture the moment in its raw form.

I hope this information helps in some way, shape, or form. This was a lifesaver during my time of despair. It is elementary yet, effective. Until next time, I am rooting for you and STAY PERSUADED! Peace and Blessings.

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