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Self Care is paramount in maintaining a healthy relationship with self, boosting your confidence, self esteem, and building  healthy relationships with others. At times self care can be glamorized and limited to external pampering. When really Self care is not always fun or pretty. It can be challenging, uncomfortable, and requires a lot of accountability and honesty with yourself. It is what YOU need it to be and requires daily effort. Below is a template action plan to help you rebalance and practice honoring yourself at all times. Each day has a theme and task. If any one resonates with you, feel free to apply it to your life as it resonates and add it to your social media post as a hashtag. My intention is to help foster and support  the idea that healing can be self inflicting. Stay Persuaded!  *Themes are subject to change*       Watch my stories on social media for daily empowerment.

Manifest Mondays- Intentional goal setting. 

#Market Monday- Promoting businesses that offer everyday solutions. We believe sharing information is a form of blessings. 

#Triggered Tuesday- Identify stressors and find healthy coping mechanisms to raise your vibration.

#Wellness Wednesday- Sharing holistic wellness remedies.

#Therapy  Thursday-  Sharing holistic Self Care and Mental Health remedies  

#Flawless Friday- Sharing perspectives, products and makeup looks that enhance your beauty.

#Friendly Reminder Friday- Self  Explanatory


#Sassy Saturday- Is about being as confident as you to want be and embracing all things you. Stand on it!  


#Slow Down Sunday-  Take some time to stop and smell the roses.  (Address inner healing concerns, reset, plan ahead, etc.) Do whatever brings you mind, body, and soul peace.

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